France, Belgium


Provincial house

  • Adresse : 46 rue Notre-Dame BP 4522 – 22045 SAINT-BRIEUC Cedex 2 – FRANCE
  • Tél : 02 96 68 10 70

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The Province of France – Belgium has 368 sisters  -354 French, 5 Belgian, 4 Dutch, 4 Nigerian, 1 German-,
divided into 42 communities
: 30 small communities, 7 communities in medium-sized houses; 5 EHPAD.

The Province also has 110 Associates and 23 Secular Branche..(as of 31 December 2022)

Since 1 September 2021, a Provincial Council of four sisters is in contact with all the sisters of the Province. 
Inter-community groups exist and can evolve according to circumstances. The animators ensure the follow-up of these groups in connection with the Provincial Council. Their mission consists of coordinating, proposing, animating and ensuring solidarity between communities.

The sisters are present in several dioceses in the West, in the Paris region and, in lesser numbers, in the Centre and in the North of France. Some sisters live their mission in Belgium and Holland.

— Main activities of the sisters.
Every year, in accordance with the Orientation determined by the provincial Council, the sisters specify, in a community project, the aspects they want to favor in their common mission. It is this mission which brings them together whatever their activities may be.
The sisters are involved in various activities: ecclesial, social, administrative, academic and extracurricular.
The sisters in the HEPADS live the mission of the Congregation to the end according to their possibilities, to their gifts and talents. They sustain the ones who are in activity: prayer, manual work, correspondence, taking interest both in the Congregation and in the world situations.

— What is life-giving and inspiring for us.
Let ourselves be led by the Spirit in the love of God and of the others”.
All our activities are rooted in prayer, in the spirituality and tradition of our Congregation. We want to remain open to the realities of the world and of the Church, to the near and far evolutions, to be attentive particularly to what may affect the most deprived, attentive as well to what is coming to life.
Several sisters get into touch with the young people in quest of a meaning to their lives. Others are open to the most crying distresses around them: drug-addicts, prostitutes, prisoners and their families, street-people…
Others still devote much of their time, visiting people isolated, sick, in great distress or taking part in denominational or undenominational associations.
Some work in favor of justice, for non-violence and respect of creation. All these activities are rooted in the prayer, spirituality and tradition of the Congregation shared with the members of the Spiritual Family: 110 associates and 23 consecrated lay people.

Weekends are organized on a regular basis to help us remain in an attitude of formation throughout our lives, broaden our openness onto the world and thus better involve ourselves, according to our possibilities, in the various modes of presence which are dear to us.

Photos :

Chapelle Maison-Mère Saint-Brieuc.8 déc. 2019 : Sœurs, Branche séculière, Associés

Pèlerinage à Lourdes avec des jeunes. Avril 2022

Atelier Timbres. Maison de retraite. Janvier 2020

6 engagements d’Associés à l’Ile-Blanche. Pentecôte 2021

Marité Normand Branche Séculière La terre et les voisins. Mai 2022

Rencontre des salariés Association “La Fontaine” à St Brieuc. Juillet 2019